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November 10, 2021

Product Review – AMINO SWITCH by Switch Nutrition

Yes OK I know, this is the second Switch Nutrition product that I have reviewed so far but in my defense this new ‘Boutique Brand’ has entered the market with some AMAZING products that are unique and friggin Awesome!

Let’s start with the BENEFITS of this product! So like any source of protein, when used in conjunction with an exercise program, Amino Switch will:

  • Build Muscle
  • Burn Fat
  • Enhance Recovery
  • Absorb Faster

But at .... WAIT FOR IT! .... a fraction of the normal calorie count. HOW? I hear you say, well that’s where the science comes in.

Amino Switch is a scientifically formulated collection of ‘Free Form’ essential amino acids put together in PHR or ‘Perfect Human Ratio’ to maximise muscle building and recovery. In summary:

Free Form – so the amino acids are not locked up in a food source and therefore don't need to be digested and as such are absorbed quickly by the lower intestine and pretty much fully i.e. 99%. AND
1 scoop (8grams) is equal to 35grams of Whey protein Isolate!!!!
35grams of WPI would bring in approximately 150 to 200 calories ..... BUT ...
1 serve of Amino Switch has .2 calories, YES .2 so you can reach your WEIGHT LOSS GOALS FASTER or even better EAT SOMETHING ELSE!!!

How to Use?
Simply use Amino Switch in place of your normal Protein Supplement.

Amino Switch comes in 3 great flavours:
Mango Kiwi
Wild Raspberry

...and in 2 sizes: 

30 serves at our healthshop Special Price of $49.95 is only $1.67 per serve, and 60 serves, which at our healthshop Special price of $88.95 is only $1.48 per serve!

Enter our Facebook Competition (click here) before 11am Wednesday 28th March 2018, to WIN 1 of 3 30 serve tubs!